What is Pipedrive: The Ultimate Guide to Pipedrive CRM

This is the ultimate guide to Pipedrive CRM. 

The blog post outlines what is Pipedrive, how to use it and how much does it cost to use Pipedrive? 

Pipedrive is a popular CRM software. Pipedrive calls itself the first CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople.

Pipedrive users have reported 28% average increase in close rate after using Pipedrive for one year. It has received 4.5 star rating for ‘ease of use’ by Capterra and was the number 1 CRM in Software Reviews’ Data Quadrant 2018 and 2019. 

There are a lot of CRM tools available in the market these days. We have free CRM by HubSpot, the Zoho CRM, Salesforce and so on. What is it about Pipedrive that differentiates it from its competitors? 


Well, as Pipedrive likes to call itself – it’s a CRM created by the salespeople for the salespeople.

Let’s dig deeper into this and try to understand what are the interesting features of Pipedrive that makes it the CRM of choice for a lot of leading and budding businesses. 

What is Pipedrive?

What is Pipedrive? 

Pipedrive essentially is a customer relationship management tool. It is a system that allows businesses to manage relationships with their customers.

Amongst a majority of CRM systems available in the market these days, Pipedrive is a well known name. It helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done in a short period of time. 

This is the USP of Pipedrive – that it is a CRM created by the salespeople for the salespeople. 

Sales is tricky, especially if the product that you are selling is expensive. It can be frustrating and difficult to understand and outline what exactly is expected from you and what you should be doing during the day. 

This is where the Pipedrive CRM steals the show. It is a CRM created specifically for the salespeople. Being a salesman, you can’t control your results, a lead may convert or it may not. 

But you can definitely plan your day better and control your actions and get more done during the day so that there are higher odds of converting a given lead. 

So, what is Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM that promotes and helps with activity-based selling. Activity based selling is a proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing and tracking activities rather than attempting everything together and missing out on something important. 

Apart from that, another feature that helps Pipedrive stand apart is visual pipelines. Have you ever worked with Sticky Notes? Yes! That’s what it is like working with Pipedrive. 

Managing leads and deals using Pipedrive is as easy as putting Sticky Notes on a whiteboard to see where each of your deals stands, except that it is done with a lot of smart features as compared to Sticky Notes. 

Pipedrive’s goal is to make sales success not only possible, but inevitable for teams everywhere.

Now that we know what is Pipedrive, let’s dig deeper into the features of Pipedrive and understand how to use Pipedrive

How to Use Pipedrive: Features of Pipedrive 

Wondering what Pipedrive can help you achieve and how to use Pipedrive?

Let’s have a quick look at various features of Pipedrive and see what all can Pipedrive help you achieve. 

Manage Leads and Deals

Managing leads and deals is extremely easy with Pipedrive. The board look with different lists makes it easy to manage and use. 

Manage Leads and Deals

You can easily drag a given deal from one stage to another to update the status. It resembles Trello somewhat in its board view and if you have prior experience with Trello, you’d find it easy to work with. 

Track Communications

You can use Pipedrive to track calls, emails and contact history exactly as you need to and all of this while having complete visibility and control of your schedule. 

Track Communications

Pipedrive stores your contacts in an extremely organized way and holds them as “people” and “organizations”. Once you have added a contact, you have the option to link it to deals as you go.

And yes, not to forget that you can very easily import your existing contacts from spreadsheets and even your previous CRM. Further, you can synchronize your Google or Microsoft contacts and save a lot of extra work. 

Automating Tasks With Pipedrive

Pipedrive helps you utilise your time properly by eliminating all the busywork. And, how does it do it?

Pipedrive lets you automate all the repetitive administrative tasks. Thus, you don’t have to worry about what computers can do and actually focus on what you need to pay the utmost attention to. 

Pipedrive comes with an AI-powered sales mentor that helps boost and improve your performance with personalized tips. Thus, now you don’t have to sit and worry about what to do next and rather do things right away because you have a sales assistant helping you. 

And you also receive automated, behavior-based hints related to boosting your results so you’re regularly upgrading your sales skills without any time consuming training. 

Insights and Reports 

With Pipedrive, you don’t have to use any boring spreadsheets anymore. Get rid of spreadsheets and play with all the data that you have in customizable reports and interactive dashboards. 

Insights and Reports

Thus, using Pipedrive, it’s easy to filter, group and oversee results which makes it extremely easy to figure out what’s working for your business and what’s not. 

Plus, you also can draw exclusive insights on what the duration of the sales cycle is and how to make your sales processes more rewarding and efficient. 

Privacy and Security 

Pipedrive is extremely careful about your privacy and security. With Pipedrive, you don’t have to worry about how your business related data is being used or if it’s in safe hands or not. 

Privacy and Security

Pipedrive provides you with a security dashboard using which you can easily control the security of your business data from one place. 

You can directly monitor how, where, when and by whom your business data is being accessed. Furthermore, you can even tackle any suspected user and account for activities as they happen. 

Mobile Apps and Integrations 

Finally, Pipedrive can very easily be integrated with other apps and systems. The ease of integration is one of the most promising features of Pipedrive that makes it easy to use. 

Mobile Apps and Integrations

You can access the Pipedrive CRM from your mobile device and integrate it with other SaaS products that your business uses. 

How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?

Till now, we have understood what is Pipedrive, and what are the most important features of Pipedrive. 

Next, we shall see how much does Pipedrive cost

Well, Pipedrive has a flexible pricing model. You can either pay monthly or go for an annual subscription. 

Pipedrive offers a 45 days free trial (only if you use this link because Cloudify is an official partner of Pipedrive). 

Use this 45 days free trial to see if Pipedrive aligns well with the realities of your business. 

Post the 45 days free trial, you can choose one of the following plans – 

  1. Essential – US$12.50
  2. Advanced – US$24.90
  3. Professional – US$49.90
  4. Enterprise – US$99.00
Pricing Plans

All of the plans are totally worth every dollar you pay. 

Click here to see the detailed pricing model of Pipedrive. 

Pipedrive Implementation 

How to use Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM. But, still it’s recommended that you use an expert to understand how to use Pipedrive effectively.

Pipedrive has partnered with a lot of small and medium sized companies to help spread the word. 

These official Pipedrive partners can implement the Pipedrive CRM for you in a professional way – right from having an end to end overview of your business, to moving data into the Pipedrive CRM to providing follow up support and maintenance. 

Pipedrive implementation can be tricky especially if you are not a technical person and need help with import or export of huge volumes of business data. 

Cloudify is an official partner of Pipedrive. Reach out to the certified experts at Pipedrive to see how you can make the most out of your Pipedrive implementation. 

Plus, the experts provide you with hands-on assistance with getting used to a CRM. 

This was an overview of the Pipedrive CRM, how to use Pipedrive and how much does Pipedrive cost.

Pipedrive provides a lot of resources for business owners and potential clients to get started with Pipedrive. 

Click here to access some very nice resources that Pipedrive provides. 

You can also visit the Pipedrive marketplace to discover some very nice applications and enhance your experience with the Pipedrive CRM further by integrating it to other services with an easy one-click installation.

If you want Pipedrive integrated with an application of your choice, but can’t find it anywhere, you can reach out to a Pipedrive expert who can help you set up the integration. 

Which CRM do you use? Are you using Pipedrive? Or, how do you like Pipedrive? 

Do let us know your experience with Pipedrive in the comments section below and yes, if you are planning to switch to Pipedrive, feel free to book your free consultation with Cloudify today for an easy migration from your previous CRM. 

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