How Cloudify Helped Veo Set Up Integration Between Shopify and Pipedrive

Veo is a portable and affordable solution that enables sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator.

Veo was founded from a simple idea and is now revolutionizing the football games industry’s recording and analysis. 

The idea came out from a personal incident that Veo’s co-founder was getting late for his son’s football match because he was stuck in traffic, wondering “why all football matches can’t be recorded” after that with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, they were able to come up with a solution which is now being used in more than 60 countries. 

Challenges Faced by Veo

  • Manually creating orders in shopify, when a deal got won in Pipedrive.
  • Manually updating orders in Pipedrive with order status from Shopify. 

Veo uses Shopify as e-commerce for webstore and Pipedrive for CRM. Before Cloudify provided them with the solution, they were manually creating orders in Shopify, when a deal was won in Pipedrive and later manually updating Pipedrive with order status. 

A lot of time and resources were wasted in manually updating systems, there was not absolute data accuracy followed by scope for manual errors. 

  • Shopify order status reflect in Pipedrive CRM (Whenever an order comes on shopify it automatically gets added as a deal in pipedrive) 
  • Pipedrive won deals as shopify Draft orders. ( When a deal is won in pipedrive, a draft order gets automatically created in shopify)

How Did We Approach the Challenge?

Cloudify acquires expertise in both Zapier and Pipedrive. 

  • Our experts created custom fields in Pipedrive crm, so that they can easily track orders and map them directly to their Shopify Order’s Status.
  • In creating draft orders, Some features were available in Zapier itself, rest were carried out by custom API calls. 

The Products Involved & Why We Chose Them 

Zapier – Veo was already using zapier and we just unlocked their potential by integrating their CRM system (Pipedrive) to Shopify via Zapier for custom automations. 

Pipedrive – Veo already were using Pipedrive CRM and we integrated it with Shopify via Zapier for custom automations as per their needs. 

Issues Solved After Deploying the Solution

  • Automatically update Shopify orders in the CRM system (Pipedrive). 
  • Create draft orders in Shopify for Won Deals in CRM (Pipedrive).


  • Time saved and money saved which was spent on manual processes.
  • Order received in shopify  automatically gets added in CRM system (Pipedrive as deals)
  • Automatic draft order creation in Shopify if a deal is won in pipedrive. 

Why did Veo Choose Cloudify?  

They already had a setup of Zapier integration in their current systems and required experts for creating custom workflows and automating further complex processes.  Cloudify is also an official partner with Zapier and acquires expertise on workflow automation. 

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