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SyncroMSP + e-conomic [Invoices]

About Nerd911

IT consultants with 40+ years of experience and a proven track record of helping people solve technical issues. A team of tech-savvy nerds who have been setting some industry benchmarks since 2007.

What to reach out to them for?

  • Remote & On-Site Help Desk Support
  • Virus / Malware Removal
  • Hardware / Software Upgrades & Installs
  • Networking Design, Setup & Maintenance
  • Hardware Recommendations & Troubleshooting

What Did Nerd911 Need Help With?

For starters, Nerd911 needed help with saving time and resources that were being used in manually carrying out processes. At the point when Nerd11 connected with Cloudify, they were at that point utilizing e-conomic for sending invoices, which they made physically. Thus, although they were utilizing a nice tool such as e-conomic to make invoices, they were not really utilizing it to its complete potential.  

From that point forward, Nerd911 implemented Syncro – a cutting edge MSP platform that helps MSP organizations in activities with a single platform. Giving moment admittance to customers, RMM alarms, charging, billing and far off access in a single, easy-to-use dashboard which helps in saving a lot of time while distantly helping customers. 

The essential explanation behind implementing this product was taking care of clients and invoicing. As Syncro isn’t a bookkeeping framework so the errand of refreshing e-conomic still stayed unfulfilled, they expected to make booked invoices in e-conomic when they sent a receipt to the client from Syncro. 

Thus, Nerd911 needed help with integrating e-conomic and Syncro and automate the manual undertakings for smooth operational cycles. 

Thus, Nerd911 needed help with:

Invoice creation in e-conomic for booked invoices – Automatic booked invoice creation in e-conomic whenever an invoice is sent to their customers. To make this easy and traceable, the invoice numbers are renamed in Syncro with the same invoice number in e-conomic. 

Syncing customers in e-conomic with Syncro MSP – At the point when an invoice is made in e-conomic it is essential that the client additionally gets made in Syncro MSP precisely. To empower better following, we refreshed all customers in Syncro with their indistinguishable client number in e-conomic. 

Matching up products in e-conomic from Syncro MSP – At times, when an invoice is made and the product doesn’t exist in e-conomic, it must be made in e-conomic. Again, this needed to be automated.

Why Did Nerd 911 Choose Cloudify? 

Cloudify is a renowned name in SaaS integrations and business process automation industry. Aside from this, they picked us as a result of our client driven methodology. They were particularly impressed with our customer support and service and believed that it’d be great working with us. Since a lot of confidential information is shared during making of automations that involve your CRM and accounting system, it is crucial that they give the project to a company that can be trusted and follows strict security measures. 

Cloudify is an official partner of e-conomic. We have a team of specialists in automating systems and lessening manual work.

About Cloudify  

Cloudify is an official e-conomic partner and has a special team of e-conomic experts who can not only help implement e-conomic and make the related automations but also manage them for you. We provide exceptional customer service and are your go-to solution for anything automation. 

Cloudify helps businesses:

  • Grow as a whole
  • Manage their processes better
  • Boost sales and increase revenue with smarter workflows and intelligent processes

How Did We Approach the Project?

Nerd911 was an interesting client for Cloudify. It was actually challenging and interesting working on their automation requirements. Our SaaS experts deeply analysed their business requirements before making the integration. The goal was to make something scalable and easy to use. 

There were multiple meetings before getting started with the project where we talked about all the issues that they have been looking at on all levels.

Cloudify followed its custom methodology which began with an inside out examination of their business and cycles, the products they had already been using, the new products that needed to be implemented and which frameworks cooperated with the CRM (if there is any). 

We began with integrating e-conomic, and Syncro followed by building custom work processes according to their business needs. 

At a Glance

  • Renaming invoice numbers in Syncro with equivalent to e-conomic for better following
  • Refreshing all customers in Syncro with their indistinguishable client no. in e-conomic for exact invoice creation in e-conomic. 
  • Making products in e-conomic on the off chance that they don’t exist. 

Which Products Did We Use and Why?

Cloudify is an authority accomplice of Zapier, and our specialists picked Zapier in light of the fact that it’s the best device accessible in the market with regards to incorporation and computerization. 

It consistently integrates with a huge number of SaaS products, applications and supports in making custom work processes according to picked triggers and activities. 

Post Setting Up the Automation

  • Automated booked invoice creation in e-conomic
  • Automated syncing of customers and products in e-conomic from Syncro MSP
  • Better accuracy, elimination of human errors, increased productivity
  • Time and money saved, which can be utilized in other important tasks
  • Better accuracy, reduced work & time saved
  • Reduction in repetitive manual processes and reduced dependency on the human workforce

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