How Cloudify Helped Nerd 911

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Challenges Faced by Nerd 911

When Nerd11 got in touch with Cloudify, they were already using e-conomic for sending invoices, which they made manually. 

After that, they implemented Syncro – a modern MSP platform that helps MSP businesses in operations with a single platform. 

Giving instant access to clients, RMM alerts, billing, tickets and remote access in a single dashboard. Which also helps in saving time while remotely helping clients. 

The primary reason for implementing this software was handling customers and invoicing.  

As Syncro is NOT an accounting system so the task of updating e-conomic still remained unfulfilled, they needed to create booked invoices in e-conomic when they sent an invoice to the customer from Syncro. 

They wanted us to integrate e-conomic and Syncro and automate manual tasks for smooth operational processes. 

  • Invoice creation in e-conomic for booked invoices.

Automatic booked invoice creation in e-conomic whenever they send an invoice to their customers. 

To make this easy and traceable, the invoice numbers are renamed in Syncro with the same invoice number in e-conomic. 

  • Syncing customers in e-conomic from Syncro MSP.

When an invoice is created in e-conomic it is a prerequisite that the customer also gets created in e-conomic accurately. To enable better tracking, we updated all clients  in Syncro with their identical customer number in e-conomic. 

  • Syncing products in e-conomic from Syncro MSP.

Sometimes, when an invoice is created and the product does not exist in e-conomic, it has to be created in e-conomic. We automated this process.  

Why did Nerd 911 Choose Cloudify?  

We are experts at automating scenarios and reducing manual work. Also, we were already official partners with e-conomic, the leading accounting system in Denmark and acquired expertise with the same. 

How Did We Approach the Challenge?

We integrated e-conomic, and Syncro followed by building custom workflows to deem fit their business needs. 

  • Renaming invoice numbers in Sycro with the same as e-conomic for better tracking. 
  • Updating all clients in Sycro with their identical customer no. in e-conomic for accurate invoice creation in e-conomic. 
  • Creating products in e-conomic if they don’t exist. 

The Products Chosen & Why

Cloudify is an official partner of Zapier, and our experts chose Zapier because it’s the best tool available in the market when it comes to integration and automation. 

It seamlessly integrates with thousands of apps and systems and supports in creating custom workflows as per chosen triggers and actions. 


  • Automated booked invoice creation in e-conomic
  • Automated syncing of customers and products in e-conomic from Syncro MSP. 
  • Better accuracy, elimination of human errors.
  • Time and money saved, which can be utilized in other important tasks. 
  • Better accuracy, reduced work & time saved.
  • Reduction in repetitive manual processes.

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