How Cloudify Helped Empirical Spirits With Inventory Management

Empirical Spirits is a leading Danish flavour company and distillery established in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen distillery Empirical Spirits has been considered as the future of Booze. They have been featured in many international magazines and labelled as the inventor of a new breed of cocktails. 

The Challenges Faced

  • Their existing inventory system was unable to serve them with the diversities that were involved in their business.
  • It was rigid and did not have much-advanced integrations with their webshop. 
  • Since they deal with both B2B & B2C clients, they did not have a solution that could deem fit to their B2B needs. 
  • Empirical Spirits has multiple warehouses, and there was no solution that could help the team manage them all together. 
  • Their existing systems did not integrate with accounting systems like e-conomic, which is very important when you’re functioning digitally. 
  • Overall, they needed an Inventory management system which was flexible and integrated seamlessly with other systems for the smooth functioning of their business. 

What Did They Need Help With?

  • All deals integrated from at least the past six months – all customers.
  • Products purchased
  • Re-order statistics
  • A demand planning tool, so they never run out of booze at any time.
  • Option to create different catalogues for different customers.
  • Differentiate in product access, depending on what type of customers logging into the B2B tool. Tier 1 vs Tier 2
  • Back in stock alert/reminder automatic mail. 

Customer Experience

  • Import all sales to date
  • Realise where each sale is at
  • Account management, following up, setting up goals
  • Hubspot is like salesforce
  • Segmentation and tagging in Pipedrive
  • How does it work for salespeople
  • Automating tagging: eg. Value, product,
  • Sales activity tool that there is flow in leads Goal setting
  • Data migration, integration, creating filters, creating pipes (channels), customer segmentation, automation.
  • GCalendar integration, Gmail integration
  • Other 3rd party integration to Mailchimp

Other Areas

  • Re-order frequency and volume
  • Visibility of where our biggest impact is in terms of sales
  • Identify where to follow up
  • Mostly insights but also CRM

Why did Empirical Spirits Choose Cloudify?

Because of the expertise in not just SaaS Implementation but also because of expertise in automating the entire business processes with ease. Apart from this, they chose us because of our customer-centric approach as our CRM expert had a meeting with them to understand their business, the issues they were facing and then offered them a custom solution that was exclusively created to deem fit their business needs. 

How did We Approach the Challenge?

Our SaaS & and Automation expert got personally involved with Empirical Spirits, and there were many meetings where they discussed all the issues that they have been facing on all levels, whether it was management, operations or business processes.

Cloudify followed its custom approach which started with an in-depth analysis of their business and processes, do they fit business needs, source of data and leads, which systems interact with the CRM (if there is any), on the basis of this our experts make suggestions on how the processes should ideally be and how the systems could be configured accordingly, keeping their business needs in mind.

Gathered data from different sources, cleaned duplicate and redundant data and put data in the right place as per ES requirements. 

Then we did system-specific configurations based on analysis and CRM system (Pipedrive), which seamlessly integrated with TradeGecko and e-conomic along with their webshop. The configuration is done in such a way that it’s ready to roll out for both individual and company level.

After configuration, we implemented the effective solutions in their systems, which were easy to use, followed by defining user roles and responsibilities for staff and management. 

Our job did not end after implementation; we trained their staff for the wave of change and were in constant touch with them for providing solutions at any stage. 

Custom workflows and integrations were also done so that they could manage everything easily, whether it was their B2B or B2C customers, inventory, invoices or their sales processes. 

The Products Chosen

We implemented a CRM system Pipedrive with custom fields and all the deals they had since the last six months, integrated TradeGecko and automated the processes. 

Apart from this, we integrated the inventory management system and CRM with e-conomic, leading to invoice automation. The reason we chose TradeGecko, Pipedrive & e-conomic was because they are the master of their niche and seamlessly integrate with many systems with enormous scope for automation. 

Here are some of the insights of issues that we received from the ES team, which were solved after deploying the solutions. 

  • Not being able to find out order statistics 
  • Couldn’t predict demand for products & ran out of stock
  • Couldn’t differentiate between the type of B2B customers – whether they were from Tier 1 or Tier 2 areas. 
  • Not being able to notify their customers about back in stock products 
  • Could not identify the stage of the deal.
  •  Messy accounting & management 
  • Goals – but without the right direction
  • Manually tagging of products & value leading to wasting time
  • Lack of Integration in their current systems 
  • Not being able to find out from where the most sales are coming.
  • Confusion in where to take follow up 
  • No CRM & Insights 

A flexible inventory management system, which integrates with their CRM, accounting system and webshop with the help of which they could manage multiple warehouses, B2B & B2C sales processes, inventory and invoices. Elimination of many redundant and repetitive processes with automation leading to improved efficiency. 

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