How Cloudify Helped Empirical Spirits With Inventory Management

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About Empirical Spirits 

Empirical Spirits is one of the leading Danish flavor organizations and refineries set up in Copenhagen. They are one of the renowned names in Denmark’s booze industry and have been highlighted in numerous global magazines and marked as the innovator of another variety of mixed drinks. 

What Did Empirical Spirits Need Help With?

Empirical Spirits needed help with automating some of their business processes. Theirs is a diverse business with complex technical requirements and the current inventory/stock framework they had couldn’t serve them with the varieties that were engaged with their business. It was unbending and didn’t have much-progressed reconciliations with their webshop. 

Since they manage both B2B and B2C customers, they didn’t have an answer that could be considered fit for their B2B needs. Empirical Spirits has different stockrooms, and there was no arrangement that could assist the group with overseeing them all together. They lacked a clear overview of their business and setting up manual processes for the same was difficult and required a lot of resources. And, it was time consuming, not at all efficient and scalable.

Another issue was that their current frameworks didn’t coordinate with bookkeeping frameworks like e-conomic, which is significant when your business is huge. To summarise, Empirical Spirits was looking for an automated system which was scalable, adaptable and coordinated consistently with different frameworks for the smooth working of their business.

Features of the Automation Requested

Ulrich Reeh Scheibelein – CCO Empirical Spirits

  • All deals integrated from at least the past six months – all customers
  • Products purchased
  • Re-order statistics
  • A demand planning tool, so they never run out of booze at any time
  • Option to create different catalogues for different customers
  • Differentiate in product access, depending on what type of customers logging into the B2B tool. Tier 1 vs Tier 2
  • Back in stock alert/reminder automatic mail. 

Johannes Bay – Customer Experience Executive at Empirical Spirits

  • Import all sales to date
  • Realise where each sale is at
  • Account management, following up, setting up goals
  • Hubspot is like salesforce
  • Segmentation and tagging in Pipedrive
  • How does it work for salespeople
  • Automating tagging: eg. Value, product,
  • Sales activity tool that there is flow in leads Goal setting
  • Data migration, integration, creating filters, creating pipes (channels), customer segmentation, automation.
  • GCalendar integration, Gmail integration
  • Other 3rd party integration to Mailchimp

Mark Emil Hermansen – Co-Founder at Empirical Spirits 

  • Re-order frequency and volume
  • Visibility of where our biggest impact is in terms of sales
  • Identify where to follow up
  • Mostly insights but also CRM

For What Reason Did Empirical Spirits Choose Cloudify? 

Cloudify is a renowned name in SaaS integrations and business process automation industry. Aside from this, they picked us as a result of our client driven methodology. They were particularly impressed with our customer support and service and believed that it’d be great working with us. Since a lot of confidential information is shared during making of automations that involve your CRM, it is crucial that they give the project to a company that can be trusted and follows strict security measures. 

Our CRM expert had a meeting with them to comprehend their business, the issues they were confronting and afterward offered them a custom arrangement that was solely made to accommodate their business needs. 

How Did Cloudify Approach the Challenge?

Empirical Spirits was an interesting client for Cloudify. It was actually challenging and interesting working on their automation requirements. Our SaaS experts deeply analysed Empirical Spirits’s business requirements before selecting the products to make the integration. The goal was to make something scalable and easy to use. 

There were multiple meetings where they talked about all the issues that they have been looking at on all levels, regardless of whether it was the board, tasks or business measures. 

Cloudify followed its custom methodology which began with an inside out examination of their business and cycles, the products they had already been using, the new products that needed to be implemented and which frameworks cooperated with the CRM (if there is any). Based on this information, our specialists make recommendations on how the cycles ought to preferably be and how the frameworks could be arranged in like manner, remembering their business needs. 

Our team of experts assembled information from various sources, cleaned copy and repetitive information and put information in the ideal spot according to ES prerequisites. 

At that point we did framework explicit setups dependent on examination and CRM framework (Pipedrive), which flawlessly coordinated with TradeGecko and e-conomic alongside their webshop. 

After design, we actualized the powerful arrangements in their frameworks, which were anything but difficult to utilize, trailed by characterizing client jobs and obligations regarding staff and the board. 

Our work didn’t end after execution; we prepared their staff for the rush of progress and were in steady touch with them for giving arrangements at any stage. We also offered to train their staff for using the automation and making the most out of it.

Custom work processes and mixes were likewise done so they could oversee everything effectively, regardless of whether it was their B2B or B2C clients, stock, solicitations or their business measures. 

What SaaS Products Where Used and Why?

We used the Pipedrive CRM with custom fields and all the arrangements they had since the most recent half year, coordinated TradeGecko and automated the required cycles. 

Aside from this, we incorporated the stock administration framework and CRM with e-conomic, prompting receipt mechanization. The explanation we picked TradeGecko, Pipedrive and e-conomic was on the grounds that they are easy to use, the expert of their specialty and consistently integrate with other SaaS products and provide possibilities for automation. 

Post Setting Up the Automation

The following issues were resolved:

  • Not being able to find out order statistics 
  • Couldn’t predict demand for products & ran out of stock
  • Couldn’t differentiate between the type of B2B customers – whether they were from Tier 1 or Tier 2 areas. 
  • Not being able to notify their customers about back in stock products 
  • Could not identify the stage of the deal.
  •  Messy accounting & management 
  • Goals – but without the right direction
  • Manually tagging of products & value leading to wasting time
  • Lack of Integration in their current systems 
  • Not being able to find out from where the most sales are coming.
  • Confusion in where to take follow up 
  • No CRM & Insights 

Cloudify helped Empirical Spirits with automating their inventory set up. An automated inventory management system which coordinates well with their CRM, accounting system and webshop using which they could deal with different stockrooms, B2B and B2C deals, cycles, stock and solicitations. 

The automation is helping them save a lot of time and resources and it’s making some serious difference to the way they run their business. 

Are you looking for automation help? Book a free consultation call with our team of experts today and discuss your custom requirements. 

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