How Cloudify Helped Aquatex Automate Accounting

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About Aquatex

Aquatex has been in the industry since 2001. They can look like pipe organizations – on the grounds as quite a bit of what they work with identifies with water, water establishments and lines. Truth be told, they work intimately with plumbers all through Denmark. 

They have chosen to put full focus on bacterial control in water installations and removal of coatings, pipes, containers etc. Here there is deliberation because it may include modification of the water installation – as “pure” plumbers do too.

All in all, Aquatex specializes in good water quality.

Bacterial control, on the other hand, is not something that plumbers typically deal with. And not at all on-site water tests, which are part of Aquatex’s core performance and the reason they can fight bacteria very effectively. In addition, they also have their very own product line of environmentally friendly and effective cleaning products and food-approved disinfection products.

What Did Aquatex Need Help With?

Aquatex is one of the established businesses in Denmark with growing needs. They have a wide clientele that becomes difficult to manage manually at times. Aquatex needed help with integrating their accounting system with their CRM. They were using e-conomic for accounting and Agile CRM for sales management. 

Essentially, they needed help with:

  • Manually adding updates from e-conomic to Agile CRM
  • Manually creating customers in Agile CRM when a new customer was added in e-conomic
  • Manually creating a company and updating contacts in Agile CRM when a new invoice was booked
  • Manually create a company and update a contact in Agile CRM when a new order is sent in e-conomic

Aquatex received their major updates in their accounting system e-conomic, on the basis of which they had to update all the details in their CRM system manually. This wasted a number of hours and resources on a daily basis, which could have been easily avoided with automation. Plus, manually doing this was not very scalable and had scope for errors. 

Thus, Aquatex needed help with syncing e-conomic updates with their CRM System (Agile CRM) so that every update made in e-conomic would automatically get updated in their CRM system.

Why Did Aquatex Choose Cloudify? 

Cloudify is your one-stop solution for tools and resources to run your business better. We help businesses boost their revenue using smarter processes and automated workflows. 

We have a team of SaaS and automation experts who exactly understand your business requirements and analyse your systems before setting up the automation for you. 

Our team of automation experts created custom fields in Pipedrive CRM, so that they can easily track orders and map them directly to the order status in Shopify. For creating draft orders, some features were available in Zapier itself, rest were carried out by custom API calls.

Cloudify had already created a private Zapier integration app for e-conomic and had all the required triggers needed by Aquatex. Aquatex had a setup of Zapier integration previously in their current systems but did not have an expertise for creating custom workflows and automating complex processes. Cloudify is also an official partner with Zapier and acquires expertise on workflow automation. Thus, upon discussing their requirements with our team of experts, Aquatex found us a good fit. 

How Did We Approach the Challenge?

Cloudify acquires expertise in both Zapier and e-conomic. We are official partners with both of these. 

Our experts created automation for the workflows along with parsing and reformatting of data fields wherever required. For performing automated processes in Agile CRM data from e-conomic is needed. For example, when a new invoice is sent in e-conomic, it does not include the company name, but the company name is required for creating a New Company in Agile CRM. The Zapier automation flow finds company names on the basis of company id present in the invoice.

Our solution did not involve just simple flows; rather we searched for in-between steps needed for getting complete data for the final step. Example – Finding customers in e-conomic for getting the name of a company to be created in Agile CRM. 

What SaaS Products Were Used and Why?

Zapier – Both the platforms to be integrated had Zapier integrations available along with all required triggers and actions.

e-conomic – The accounting system already being used by Aquatex and Cloudify has the expertise for creating custom workflows with e-conomic. 

Agile CRM – Already being used by Aquatex

How Did It Help?

Once the automation was set up, updates from e-conomic automatically started getting updated in the Agile CRM. 

This resulted in:

  • Automatically adding updates from e-conomic to the Agile CRM
  • Automatically creating customers in Agile CRM when a new customer was added in e-conomic
  • Automatically creating a company and updating contacts in Agile CRM when a new invoice was booked
  • Automatically creating a company and updating contacts in Agile CRM when a new order is sent in e-conomic
  • Time saved and money saved which was spent on manual processes
  • The automation made the whole process efficient and diligent
  • Streamlined processes with no scope of human errors
  • Automated complex workflows for the smooth functioning of business processes

About Cloudify  

Cloudify is an official Zapier partner and has a special team of Zapier experts who can not only help set up zaps but also manage them for you. We provide exceptional customer service and are your go-to solution for anything automation. 

Cloudify helps businesses:

  • Grow as a whole
  • Manage their processes better
  • Boost sales and increase revenue with smarter workflows and intelligent processes

Are you looking for automation help? Book a free consultation call with our team of experts today and discuss your custom requirements.

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