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How can you automate your ecommerce business?

Ecommerce business growth can be done in multiple ways, either by launching campaigns, listing products online and more. But before proceeding for ecommerce automation, you need to give a look at the tech stack you already have in your existing company set up. 

Implementing automation can be a great way to boost your e-commerce business efficiency.  E-commerce business automation will not only boost the website traffic but also streamline your sales funnel, and accelerate your lead nurturing process.

ecommerce automation in your business

What can be automated in your ecommerce business?

  • Automate abandoned cart emails: You can automate sending emails to the customers who have left their products in the cart. This will let you build brand awareness. You can also schedule the messages based on the user activities on your website. 
  • Automate reviews: Reviews are something that sells your products. You can automate collecting customer feedbacks through email remarketing. Platforms like Mailchimp can help you schedule automated messages once payment is made for an order. Reach out to negative reviews through automation with a help section and understanding their issues. You can also segment customers based on their behaviours.
  • Track and reward customers: Have you ever rewarded your best clients? Rewarding your customers can give you a great retention rate and increase business profit. You can automatically add free gifts or loyalty points for the customers with automated emails.  
  • Automate inventory management: You can integrate your ecommerce platform with accounting software like e-conomic or Zohoinvoice, you can automate your tasks like keeping track of purchase orders, updating stocks, and calculating real-time valuation for inventory. Automation can trigger notification of low stocks or stock outs. 
  • Automate invoicing: You can now create recurring invoices in no time with automated invoices. 
  • Dropshipping for passive income: You can automate order fulfilment and delivery as well with dropshipping services. 
  • Send reminders: Send automated reminders to the customers for re-ordering consumables for those who are interested in buying your products. 
  • Automate customer support: Using chatbots without any coding can help you build customer relations by making them available with the choices to choose from. 

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